RCmania, C++ (2004-2005)

http://rcmania.gamedev-pt.net (portuguese only)

RCmania is a 3d racing game with a theme around remote controlled buggies. This is an Open Source project being developed by a group of Portuguese inexperienced game developers aspiring to enter the profissional gamedev market with the right foot. As an Open Source project it’s focused on being innovative in many aspects but not forgetting that in this case the goals are purely educational. Below you can see some screen-shots of the work-in-progress:

rcmania4 rcmania2
rcmania1 rcmania3

The engine is being developed totally from scratch using technologies no better than what was available in the second half of last decade. This will ensure us a learning curve similar to what the most experienced people today were doing at that time. We are developing a graphics engine, a physics engine, a sound engine, a game engine and a full featured level editor.

Given the nature of the project we have all the freedom to concentrate our efforts on the educational side of the project, therefore allowing this kind of design during time where programmable GPU’s are mainstream. Enforcing limited resources to both programmers and artists we expect to learn a lot on many aspects of game optimization and technical design.

My role on this project was to write a software rendering graphics engine and coordinate the programming team. The art coordinator and me were to ensure that the goals were met, and to lead the way to the least experienced developers.