hyper64 – 2d engine, Delphi (2000-2002)



Hyper64 is a 2d engine for Windows that works on Win95, Win98/WinME and WinNT/2K/XP. It’s built on top of DirectDraw to take advantage of hardware acceleration on certain operations. Taking advantage of hardware operations, hyper64 can be really fast if properly used.

It follows the same interface design that was exposed in hyper32, but takes it to a whole new level.

nf1 nf2

never finished” by Fábio Pereira

frev1 frev2

the 1st revelation” by Mário Luzeiro


•  DirectDraw support.
•  Highly optimized assembly, x86 and MMX.
•  Fast primitives like pixels, lines, ellipsoids, rectangles and cubic bezier lines.
•  Flat, Gouraud and Textured polygon rasterization.
•  Multiple rendering Windows.
•  Window and Full Screen display.
•  Independent Full Screen mode.
•  Text output of installed Windows fonts.
•  Input handling via DirectInput using Mouse, Keyboard and Joystick.
•  Virtual file system using HPK files (Hyper PacK).
•  Advanced Buffer system.
•  Load images froms Streams, Resources or Files.
•  System and Video memory for buffers.
•  Hardware acceleration when using Video memory buffers.
•  Easy interface.
•  Fast routines.
•  High precision timers.
•  Sprites and Alpha Channels.
•  Clipping in all functions.
•  Scaling, Rotating, Blur, Negative, Greyscale, Xor
and Mirroring effects.
•  Alpha-Blending with support for Alpha-Channel.
•  Additive and Subtractive blending.
•  Loading of BMP, JPG, PNG images.
•  Saving of BMP, JPG, PNG images.
•  Sound playing, mixing and streaming of MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MID, RMI, SGT, RAW, WAV, MP2, MP3, OGG, WMA, ASF.
•  Video streaming of AVI, MPG, ASF.

Third-party credits:

•  FMOD by Firelight Technologies.
•  PNGImage by Gustavo Daud.
•  H64_DLL by Fábio Pereira and Mário Leite.