hyper32 – 2d engine, Pascal (1998-2000)



Hyper32 is a 2d engine for DOS. It works with VGA and VESA, 8 and 16bit modes. It is highly asm optimized and has a really easy and intuitive interface.

skull3_img1 skull3_img2

Skull3 by Diogo Lapa

Feature list:

•  Works on Borland Pascal 7.0 with a MS-DOS Protected Mode target.
•  Banked framebuffer access using VESA 1.2
•  Linear framebuffer access using VESA 2.0
•  8 bit (palletized) and 16 bit (RGB) graphics modes.
•  Flexible “Buffer” system.
•  Seamless rendering of 8bit buffers on 16bit targets.
•  Loading of BMP and JPG images.
•  Saving of BMP images.
•  Image rotation and scaling.
•  Sprite rotation and scaling.
•  Static and Animated rendering of Images and Sprites.
•  Per-pixel optimized Sprite collision detection.
•  Alpha-Blending with support for Alpha-Channel buffers.
•  Additive and Subtractive Blending.
•  Text input and ouput to buffers.
•  Lines, rectangles, ellipsoids and many other primitives.
•  Flat, Gouraud and Textured polygon rasterization.
•  Input handling through mouse and keyboard.
•  Sound playing and mixing.

Third-party credits:

•  SoundLib by Stefan Goehler.
•  Newfrontier by Dietmar Meschede.
•  JpegLib by Thomas G. Lane.