Old Pascal-Delphi Demos with Source-Code (1998-2002)

In this sub-section I expose some of my old work. Some of the code made back in 1998 using Borland Pascal (dos) was later ported to Borland Delphi (win). The packages includesource code and binaries.

2D Bump Mapping
Uses hyper64 for graphics handling, the code is very simple, the first version was used as an example of a graphical application using hyper32 back in ’99.

bump2d.zip 366KB


The artwork was taken from a game development package called Div Games Studio, it was first created in ’99 to demonstrate hyper32′s habilities. It was recently converted to hyper64 too.

malvado.zip 548KB


3D Demo
This demo features my first software rendering engine written back in ’98. It features environment mapping and flat, gouraud and textured triangles. The original polygon routines were replaced by hyper64′s sub-pixel accurate polygon routines.

demo3d.zip 297KB


Terrain Editor
Uses two windows, one for the editor using hyper64 and one for the motion3d to display the modified grid using OpenGL. Needs a 16bit desktop.

terrain.zip 358KB


Triangle Rasterizer
Features flat, gouraud, affine textured and perspective textured triangles… with sub-pixel/texel accuracy. Needs a 32bit desktop and uses hyper64.

polyraster.zip 233KB