JFK – BBEAT, C++ (2004)

This demo won us the first place at inercia’04. Here’s some screen-shots from the demo:

jfk1 jfk2

Party version download:

•  jfk-bbeat.zip 9.4MB from scene.org
•  jfk-bbeat.rar 8.7MB

This party version has some issues regarding sound transitions, since we were crunching until the very last minute, we didn’t get enough time to fix those details. Other issues are related with the need of a recent graphics card and updated software. This demo needs:

•  A graphics card compliant with DirectX 9.0, with support at least for Vertex Shaders 1.1 and Pixel Shaders 2.0, such as an ATI Radeon 9500 or a nVidia GeforceFX 5200.
•  The latest video drivers for your card.
•  The latest DirectX 9.0c runtime.

This demo was developed in C++, using RCmania’s Motion Engine as a basis. The development of the hardware renderer, engine adjustments to accommodate the new renderer, and all the effects were done 12 days before the development of the demo started and was tuned until the very last minute. The whole demo was written in 3 days, making a total of 15 days of development. I wish we could have started sooner, but that wasn’t possible. I’m pretty happy with what accomplished in such a short time span, but not so happy with the overall result, it needs a lot of polishing, tuning and one or two scenes need to be remade.

We got a first place with this demo, which is cool. I hope to be there next year with another demo, hopefully with a much better demo. I’m right about to start my work on the final version, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Note to myself, 15 days is still not enough.