airbag – polymorphic RGB, Delphi (2001)

This demo won us the first place at inercia’01. Here are some screen-shots from the demo:

prgb1 prgb2

Party version download:

• 1.9MB from
•  airbag-prgb.rar 1.7MB

To be able to run this demo you only need a nVidia RivaTNT or better, and stable OpenGL drivers.

This demo was developed during the event. I was developing the framework while waiting for our artist to arrive at the party since we only had a slight idea how the demo was supposed to be. Once he arrived we discussed everything, the framework was practically ready, it was small.

The Delphi framework was made from scratch in the party place, it took about 1 or 2 days. The demo was developed in about 8 hours, which is no surprise because the demo is actually very small. The art was created very quickly since our artist was very skilled. I should keep reminding myself how long it takes to make a really good demo, maybe next time.