Ugo Volt, Move Interactive (2005-2008)

Ugo Volt is a fast paced action-adventure game played in both first and third-person views. The setting is based around a futuristic future where our advanced society survived nature’s wrath. The main character, Ugo, is an artificial human prototype in it’s final stages of testing, soon to be mass produced.


The game was planned to be released for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The Ugo Volt concept, trailer and technology demos were presented to both the public and publishers at E3 2006. IGN released this preview shortly after, containing a fair amount of information regarding the game.

ugo_ue3_1 ugo_ue3_2
ugo_ue3_3 ugo_ue3_4

A full prototype was released, in the form of a vertical slice, using a proprietary engine running on PC and Xbox 360. Later the company switched to Unreal Technology in an attempt to give the small development team more freedom to focus on the actual game. Unfortunately, after a long battle with the investors to secure funding and losing half the team in the process, Move Interactive eventually gave up and closed down the project.