Floribella, Move Interactive (2007)

The Floribella game is based on a famous south american telenovela named Floricienta which was later adapted to Portuguese TV. The game was published in Portugal in late 2007 by Som Livre.

This project started in summer of 2007 and was released in 25th of November of the same year, making a total development time of around 6 months. Human resources were pulled from the Ugo Volt project in an attempt to explore the Floribella franchise.


Floribella is a 3D platform game with mechanics inspired essentially by Pandemonium and Mario.

flor1 flor2
flor3 flor4

The Torque Game Engine was lincensed by Move Interactive to develop this game due to both it’s price and low technical requirements. The games was successfully tested on a Pentium 3 machine running at 800 MHz with 256 MB of system memory and an ATI Rage graphics card with 16 MB of video memory. All windows versions from 98 up to Vista were also tested and officially supported.

My responsabilities included programming gameplay in both Torque Script and C++, ensuring technical requirements and cross-platform testing.