XNA/iPhone development

I’ve decided to focus on small scale development for now due to the demands of my current job. Recently I started dedicating most of my free time to creating a framework for small-scale 2D cross-platform development on XNA (PC, XBLA, Zune) and iPhone/iPodTouch.

I started by looking at Mono with the objective of writing all the game logic in C#. I thought it could be the perfect solution, integrating seamlessly with XNA and still allow interop with ObjC++ at the lower level. Eventually, I found out that there are some technical issues and licensing problems regarding iPhone development and interpreted languages.

However, it’s still possible to use Mono while respecting the iPhone’s license. The solution involves using Mono to generate native code on the platform itself which apparently is not trivial task. Doing this, however, creates problems with the Mono license… embedding Mono is not free and the price is not available to the public.