Mono and Skin

The pressure at work has been relieved for now. I’ll be moving to the new flat today and I’m looking forward to assemble furniture.

Yesterday I started reducing the Mono codebase to the absolute minimum, isolate all the system calls and disabling unnecessary features. I will need to build a native application that can perform ahead-of-time compilation on the platform itself; first on Windows then iPhone. Care must be taken not to break the integration of future Mono updates.

I also got around to work a bit more on the Skin shader based on johny‘s model. This image below is not using the skin shader yet.

I’m a bit worried that the diffuse map, while looking good, may not be adequate for this technique as it contains diffuse, ambient occlusion and specular information. I’ll probably try a quick clean to remove everything but the unshaded skin tone.

I started implementing the physically-based Kelemen/Szirmay-Kalos specular surface reflectance model described in the article. I’ll post shots as soon as I have interesting results.