Final Skin shader

As promised by O2, my broadband internet was activated on friday. I’m done with the skin shader but still haven’t given up on Mono.

I took the liberty to take some screenshots of the several steps required for the final composition. The only step I didn’t bother to implement was the translucent shadow maps which are used to simulate light transfer through thin regions such as ears. The RenderMonkey project is available here; it includes the media files created by johny.

The diffusion profiles:


The composition of diffuse, sum of diffusion profiles and specular:


Comparison of a basic shader (left) with the skin shader (right):

comparison21 comparison3 comparison1

Final result in high resolution:


Note that the seams are back because I added support for shadow maps and that basically killed my initial workaround. This issue could be addressed through the use of a spherical parameterization.