First of all, welcome to my personal website.

My name is Diogo Teixeira and I’m originally from Portugal. I was born in 82 in a small Portuguese town called Figueira da Foz, where I currently reside and work remotely as freelance programmer.

I’ve been programming computer graphics for the past 14 years and working professionally on Games and Engine Technology for the past 5 years. My current areas of interest include game design, technology, rendering, animation and computational geometry.

Employment record:

(11-now) Insidious Technologies, Technical Director

•  Amplify Virtual Texturing
•  Easyflow Motion Blur
•  Color3 Advanced Grading

(09-10) Zona Paradoxal Lda, Games Programmer

•  Orange Game – iPhone
•  Other interactive 3D products – PC

(08-09) Splash Damage Ltd, Engine Tech Programmer

•  Brink – PC, Xbox360, PS3

(05-08) Move Interactive SA, Games and Engine Tech Programmer

•  Ugo Volt – PC, Xbox360 (unreleased)
•  Floribella – PC

Feel free to contact me via e-mail to:

Or via LinkedIn: